Before we even start on this – 90% of the time your RSS feed URL will be – So give that a try that first and foremost.

If that didn’t work.

The easiest way to get your site’s RSS feed URL, no matter what web browser you’re using, is to look at the HTML source of your page. This may seem daunting, but if you follow this guide, we’ll have you sorted in no time.

View Source method

  1. In most browsers, you’ll choose the Page Source or Source option under the View menu near the top of the window. This is the case with all three major browsers.
  2. Once the window appears with the HTML for your page, use the “Find” feature (typically Ctrl-F on a PC, Command-F on a Mac) and search for for “RSS”
  3. The result should show you something like this
  4. The RSS feed’s URL address is found between the quotes after href=. In this case, it would be:

If that didn’t work either.

Site specific guidelines to RSS url formats

If you know the platform you’re running on, which we hope you do. Then take a look at some of the standard site specific RSS URL formats and guides below.






Testing your RSS feed

We advise you give your RSS feed a test for compliance before signing up with 8bit. You can test your RSS feed for compliance with most third party RSS readers and systems like 8Bit by going to If you get the all clear there then you’re most likely good to go with 8Bit.